Easter in Joshua Tree NP

IMG_1960 Spring has brought warmer nights in the desert so we headed back to our favorite playground – Joshua Tree National Park. The overcast skies made the hike more forgiving than usual and we had a wonderful time exploring this rocky wonderland. Hugo and Bobo have grown evidently stronger since our last visit in the park: Hugo no longer needed to be carried around on daddy’s shoulders, and Bobo climbed onto every rock and boulder with a lot more confidence in his moves. Hugo climbed onto the little rocks only but did it very proudly nevertheless. After all, as he keeps on telling us many times per day, he is no longer a baby, he is big now :)
Bobo also did an awesome job with actual rock climbing, testing new moves and techniques. It is a little intimidating knowing that after a little bit more training he may soon be better at it than his parents ;)
Our trip coincided with Easter holidays so we added a morning chocolate egg hunt to our itinerary. The sweetest part of it was that right after the hunt an actual bunny, desert cottontail, showed up next to our tent :)


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