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I am a research psychologist & data scientist. I improve marketing decision-making by introducing scientific standards into research design.

The majority of marketing research can greatly benefit from evidence-based and rigorous methodologies developed by scientists, if applied correctly. Because my own research has always had marketing applications, I am in a unique position to combine the marketing needs with scientific knowledge. I apply my expertise in social, cognitive, media, and experimental psychology to better understand consumer emotions, cognitions and behaviors, as well as to design and conduct more reliable research. The result is more accurate and confident decision-making for any marketing question you may have.

I am an award-winning and published psychologist and have been designing psychological studies for 16 years with 9 years of industry experience. I am passionate about solving challenging problems both in research and outdoors.


Psychological Sciences

University of California | USA




Jacobs University Bremen | Top private university in Germany


Integrated Social Sciences

Jacobs University Bremen | Top private university in Germany



"A scientific research process is a prerequisite for the right decisions."

I design and conduct new research aimed at answering any marketing question. I carry out each step of the process diligently, from the selection of the research design and measurements, sampling, data collection up to data analysis and interpretation. This ensures that the study measured what it was intended to measure, the results can be generalized to a wider population and are a reliable basis for making the right decisions. 

For the most demanding clients, I utilize implicit techniques, like the Implicit Association Test (IAT), that offer insights into the automatic and subconscious mind and how it responds to marketing activities.   

Examples of research: brand research, consumer insights, campaign effectiveness.


"The results of any research are only as good as the data itself."

Even well-designed research is at risk of many biases, including sampling, non-response, or social desirability bias. They all are reflected in the data collected and if not noticed undermine and distort the results. Regardless of whether the bias lies on the side of the researcher or the respondent, it should be minimized and considered during analysis and interpretation of data. I assist other marketing researchers in identifying and avoiding biases in their studies and consequently regaining confidence in their results.


Moreover, I help to select more appropriate research designs, more reliable measurements, perform more advanced data analyses, and prepare comprehensive reports. 

Examples of research: brand research, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction.




“Gosia is brilliant, independent, and passionate. She has a deep understanding of the conscious and subconscious mind that makes her a valuable and reliable resource for answering any challenging question.”

Dr. Yarrow Dunham

Assistant Professor 

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